Amis Music Festival

The Dulan tribal village’s age sets

Written on 10/25/2017

For those who have been to the Amis Music Festival or the Dulan Harvest Festival (豐年祭), you might have some impression of the terms Lakayakay (拉中橋), Laciensi (拉千禧), and so on. These are actually names of the Dulan tribal village’s age sets, which is also the strictest social system of the Amis people, followed from the top down to organize and drive task execution within the tribal village.

Lakayakay (拉中橋):Middle age (壯年階層), now about 43-47 years old
Lakenca (拉監察):Watchers (見習期), now about 38-42 years old
Laciensi (拉千禧):Youth (青年階層), now about 33-37 years old
Laliwil (拉立委):Youth (青年階層), now about 28-32 years old
Ladatong (拉薩崠):Youth (青年階層), now about 23-27 years old
Lakotang (拉古鐺):Youth (青年階層), now about 18-22 years old
Pakalungay (巴卡路耐):Teenagers (青少年), now about 12-17 years old

This time when you come to the Amis Music Festival, you’ll know where you are relative to Dulan’s age sets. Please remember, when you hear these names, don’t think of them again as some tribal idol groups from somewhere~


Date: 2017.11/11-12
Time: 11/11  11AM to 10PM  ,  11/12  11AM to 5PM
Venue: Dulan Arena (Dulan Junior High School stadium)
Tickets: Presale 1200 NTD  \   At Door 1400 NTD
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