Amis Music Festival


Written on 10/26/2017

Kasavakan (建和) Tribe is one of Pinuyumayan’s (卑南族) eight communities and ten tribes, located in the southwest of Taitung City, on the fan edge of Taitung Alluvial Plain facing the ocean with the mountain behind; the village has a total of six settlements.

From north to south respectively are: Jian-shan Rd. 建上路 (Upper Kasavakan 上建和 ), Jian-Fong (建豐), Jian-dong 建東 (Yuan-teng 原藤), Yu-chi (魚池), Xin-she 新社 (Lower Kasavakan 下建和), and Ming-shen (民生).  Among the six settlements, Lower Kasavakan (下建和) is the largest, with the most population and is also the most concentrated, so most people will take Xin-she (新社) to represent Kasavakan (建和); Kasavakan inherited the old tribe’s name, meaning “where the deep valley is.”

The tribal village is also known as the village of drift wood carvings; with Taiwan’s famous Indigenous sculptor and tribal leader, Haku 哈古 (Chinese name, Chen Wen-sheng 陳文生), providing guidance on woodcarving creations. At the intersection and corners of each street, and the walls of every household in the tribal village, you can find board and wood carvings on display; the drift woods, which were originally used by the residents as firewood materials, now embodies Indigenous traditional culture styles through exquisite woodcarving skills and artistry, providing the tribal village a unique community arts and culture display space.

The biggest feature during the tribal village’s annual ritual is the swing, each year at the end of December and into New Year's Day, the men in the tribal village will build a swing, and the height of the swing is at least three stories tall; this is also a technology of the Kasavakan Tribe (建和部落) which involves very traditional craftsmanship. Under the tribal leader’s blessings, local tribal members who ride on the swing are blessed with a safe and smooth year ahead.

Taking this blessing and peace, the 2017 Amis Music Festival has the honor of inviting the Kasavakan Tribe to join us, bringing together different colors to enrich the music festival.