Amis Music Festival


Written on 11/01/2017

Aveoveoyx! We are the young people of Tsou Indigenous tribe (鄒族) coming from different tribal villages and different families in Alishan (阿里山), and our distinguishing feature is our good looks.

We are as beautiful as water and strong as mountains, our inner qualities are like flames, burning fiercely and steadily, eager to ignite the enthusiasm of others before we burn out ourselves.

And “Yupasuengi” means exactly that – people igniting each other to make fire. Come!  Let's come together and ignite each other's fire at the 2017Amis Music Festival to create more beautiful sparks.

After reading the sincere self introduction of our Tsou (鄒族) friend from Alishan (阿里山), reserved and composed yet passionate, how could we miss this year’s 2017 fourth edition of the Amis Music Festival?