Amis Music Festival

The Luluna

Written on 11/07/2017

The Luluna (羅娜部落) tribal village, known for its Christmas Eve carnival, is surely not unfamiliar to most people. In the past, this was originally one of the four major communities of the northern Tsou (鄒) tribe, Lufutu group (魯富都群), who has lived here for generations; in Tsou language its name is “Nama Kaban (楠仔腳萬),” meaning fertile flat land, and today the Bunun people (布農族人) named it “Luluna.”

The tribe has 400 years of history; during the Daoguang years, there were already Han people trading here. In 1840~1860 there were Bunun (布農族) invasions, and the Tsou Indigenous tribe (鄒族) declined in presence. In 1875 it was Qing Dynasty’s ancient trail strategic pass, and in 1921, it was the starting point of mountain path during Japanese occupation.

It is now home of Bunun’s (布農) Isbukun (郡社), and is Taiwan's largest river terrace, with Stout Camphor Tree park (牛樟公園), and is famous for its dazzling, carnival-like Christmas Eve; it is also the source of high altitude cut flowers.

2017Amis Music Festival, let’s be dazzling with Luluna (羅娜部落)!