Amis Music Festival

The Bahuan

Written on 11/08/2017

Bahuan (馬遠), a Takivatan Bunun (布農族丹群) tribal village, a tribal village where women and wooden boxes encounter each other.

We are the only Bunun (布農族) tribal village located in the Wanrung Township (萬榮鄉).

Although Bahuan’s (馬遠) name has the word “horse (馬),” we don’t horse around at all when we work; and although Bahuan’s (馬遠) name has the word “far (遠),” when you do come to our tribal village, you will find that it is in fact not far at all.

Because our elders have taught us to share. The feast of music, delicious taste of food, styles of humanities will bring you closer to the land.

We are the young people of the Bahuan (馬遠) tribal village, a group of young people who spontaneously strive to pass on our culture. Although culture cannot be sensed through words, music can trace culture back in time, with melodies to make moving music.


Such a poetic description, really touching even just from reading it. At the 2017Amis Music Festival, you must come and see it live; the Bahuan (馬遠) tribe members will once again move everyone with their singing!