Amis Music Festival

The Lidaw

Written on 11/10/2017

The Lidaw (里繞) tribe is one of the traditional tribes of the Nanshi Amis (南勢阿美族).

It is located in Dongchang Village (東昌村) of Ji'an Township (吉安鄉) in Hualien County (花蓮縣) , east of Ji'an Precinct (吉安分局); neighboring the Pacific Ocean to the East, and to its North is the Cikasuan River (七腳川溪) facing Hualien City (花蓮市).

To date, there is still a complete preservation of the traditional belief culture — the system of sikawasay or priestess (祭師) and the system of age sets (年齡階層), with a total of nine stages in the age sets, and the naming system is by name succession (襲名制); the Malengleng (勇士晉階禮) and the Parunan (船祭) rituals are held once every eight years. The Parunan (船祭) is a unique ritual belonging only to the Lidaw (里繞) tribe, to express gratitude and remember the ancestors who have come by canoe off the coast to establish the tribe.


I have always been impressed by the traditional clothing of the Lidaw (里繞) tribe, which differs from that of the Amis men in Taitung, especially their headdress which is very grand and ornate. The 2017Amis Music Festival is bound to be stunning!