Amis Music Festival

The Falangaw

Written on 11/15/2017

Next to Dulan tribal village, located in the downtown area of Taitung City, there is a well-known tribe, which even has its traditional song sang at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, where people all over the world heard the singing voices from Taiwan’s Indigenous people — it is the Falangaw (馬蘭部落).
Falangaw (馬蘭) is an Amis tribe hidden in downtown Taitung. In the past, there used to be a large population here. However, due to factors such as moving in of other ethnic groups from the outside, the division of roads, and the distance effect, local tribal people have moved to more peripheral areas and established new tribes. The relationship between the separated tribes and the former tribe is that of the separated family (分家) and the main family (本家); they are commonly known as the Greater Falangaw (大馬蘭部落).  In the integrated tribal council (部落會議), because Falangaw (馬蘭部落)  is the main family (本家) tribe, it often has great influence.
As the tribe is located in the center of the city, the vast majority of the Falangaw (馬蘭部落) cultural assets have been impacted by external civilization and became neglected as a result. However, today's youth class, Lakumud (拉全國), and others in similar age class are beginning to learn gradually, from traditional music and dance, ancient ballads, to traditional skills and artistry, such as weaving and fishing; hoping to revive the past glory of Falangaw (馬蘭部落).
Recently, in several large and small occasions, I have already heard the most ancient voices from the youths of Falangaw (馬蘭部落). 2017 Amis Music Festival, be sure to come and listen to them live — they will touch the origin of your soul!